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Rdio just released their streaming music service and I signed up here.  It has a nice interface and integration with social apps but does not have the library of music that I am looking for.  Out of about 12724 songs in my iTunes library Rdio matched 4341 not bad for a start but I think I will just host my entire library myself in the cloud. Waiting for Apple to put the Lala service they bought and shut down to use and host iTunes in the cloud.  I believe there is going to be a lot of restrictions and limitations though to appease the recording studios.  I want just a lightweight iTunes that I can run on my iPhone or any computer that has my entire music library with ratings and playlists. I do it right now with Dropbox but I only have 50 GB and want more and there is no good mobile app to sync with.

I like MOG but am unlikely to pay for such a service.  Also I am looking for fresh songs to listen to and preview that are not available through a music streaming service that requires licensing from the studios and generally is slow to update the music library.  My best bet is listening to live sets, radio shows, blogs, Twitter and Youtube for fresh tracks.  Hypem is probably the closest solution to what I am looking for but it suffers from the wisdom of crowds and songs that I have had on replay for weeks are suddenly number 1.  The best tracks usually come from a curated list of blogs and friends one reason I started a blog.  I tried the blog but I hate writing, this is probably the longest post I will make, and there are so many good music blogs out there already I would rather curate, consume, and reblog.  All about more music and less writing.

In the end, I am leaning towards developing my own music streaming service but do not have the time and do not want to deal with copyright and recording studios.  I most definitely support the artists by buying their albums, going to their shows, or sharing the tracks I enjoy.  For now just enjoy this Tumblr and if you want a fire hose of my music interests and tastes follow me on Twitter @freshreplay.

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Calvin Harris – Flashback (David Guetta Remix)

As if Eric Prydz remix was not enough, David Guetta has released a banger of Flashback. I have been looking for this song ever since Calvin Harris mentioned its existence on Twitter on October 11th.

Calvin Harris and David Guetta left very positive Twitter posts about this song:
@calvinharris: played the David Guetta remix of Flashback tonight at the afterparty and it WENT OFF MASSIVELY. Will youtube if the internet is good enough
@davidguettalife: Hey friends I just played myremix for Calvin Harris. I mixed it on my laptop with headphones but it sounds really big. I’m so happy!